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Artists Sara Dudman RWA and Debbie Locke RWA work in collaboration to create paintings and drawings which explore the interface between machine and hand-made marks, whilst attempting to capture and represent the complex and interdependent working relationship between a Blackdown Hills sheep-farmer, his dog and his sheep. 
Using innovative technology, including webcams and GPS combined with more traditional mediums, the artists work in alternating layers, incorporating Sara's painterly gestures interwoven with Debbie's precise, machine-made lines, to simultaneously reveal and obliterate the depicted movements of sheep.

Though, seemingly chaotic, there is order within these turbulent scenes – patterns emerge, linking the whereabouts of the flock to the activity of the farmer and the dog.  This continuous dialogue between visual coherence and the conceptual basis for the work has become a central focus, driving this collaborative layering process - whilst allowing the work to remain rooted in landscape traditions and the documentation of traditional farming practices.



© 2015 Sara Dudman and Debbie Locke